First Blog: Publishing

Push the button to publish. Easy. Then  push the same button to ‘update’.

This is what digital publishing look like. Instantaneously.

Take the hottest gadget iPad as an example. The screen is about A4 size. While reading a ‘iBook’, like David Eagleman’s Why the Net Matters (Canongate), you could flip over the page, play with the 3D simulation. The most interesting part of the ‘iBook’ is it make a book without border. The continue flow of the chart clearly shown the argument. The argument-tree enables readers to navigate key argument freely.

However it seems the 3D simulation is more a gimmick than help readers to understand the content.

Magazines are more suitable to view on iPad. The adventiment, graphic and photos can show in detail, thanks to the superb displace. More, video can be accompany with text to make the reportage more impressive. The size screen is similar to that of the print version of The Economist or Times. It feels like reading on paper.

There are dark side of electric reader. As Naughton (2009) mentions, the whole book 1984 could be remotely deleted without authorize by the user. It could be used to control the freedom of speech by manipulating the content.



Naughton, John (2009), ‘The original Big Brother is watching you on Amazon Kindle’, The Guardian,,26 July, 2009, accessed 6 March, 2011


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