Week 6

Internet makes analog photography alive.

In 2006, Polaroid announced to cease production of the famous instant film. The convenience of digital camera kills Polaroid.

In 2010, a group called The Impossible Project reinvent the film for Polaroid cameras to use. Millions of Polaroid users finally can use the camera again.

Instant photographs have only one copy, which can only show to limited person at one time. This is true in the 1970s, when Polaroid cameras are the most popular.

However, thanks to the technology, we can scan photos, send to friends or upload on internet. Flickr and Polanoid becomes the platform to displace and advertise the new instant photo material. Flickr and Polanoid became an ‘archive’ for us to put the work in.

Recently, Vienna based WestLicht Museum of Photography purchased and saved The International Polaroid Art collection. The collection is the work over 50 years from artist using Polaroid. At artistic level, we have the physical museum to save the work. At amateur level, we have online platform for sharing.

Instant photographs is only only to capture the moment, it is more than niche. Using taking instant pictures seems telling others you are special.

Thanks to the internet, sharing become easier. That idea make Polaroid alive.





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