12052011 Visualization

This week I would like to displace two images and explain their context. Both images were taken on the same venue, but record on difference medium.

 Img 1

Img 1 is captured on digital medium.

 Img 2

Img 2 is recorded on instant film.

What are image coming from?

Img 1 is captured directly in digital camera. While Img 2 is first capture on film, an analog process, then scanning to convent into digital file to upload.

What is the relationship to their mode of publishing?

Img 1 is a digital image, it can be duplicated as many copies as possible at no cost. If it is taken on a mobile phone, it could be sent to other phone via MMS. The image can also publish via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr instantly. There is huge reach of the photo.

Compare with Img 2, after recording, it expresses in tangible form: a physical photo ejects from the camera. The accessibility is low at the moment the image is form (about 5 minutes for develop). However, simply use scanner to convert the analog medium into digital form and it can be dispatch and share via internet.

What are the function and effects of their being published?

The subject of both image is the car. However:

Img 1 is an ordinarily photos, simply record where is the car, the colour as we see.

Img 2 is not ordinarily. Mainly because the record medium is Instant Photograph. The colour is not the same as our eyes feel. It becomes a form of art. It will become popular at Flickr, Polanoid or other Instant Photography Groups.


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