Modes of Publishing

Books and magazines are my favorite modes of publishing. At least in the past 22 years of life.

I subscribe to magazines. When receiving the latest copy and read it voraciously is the happiest moment I have. The smell of the freshly print and the texture of paper forms the reading experience.

Turning a page is the experience you could never have on digital form. You could also write, highlight, dog ear the pages. You could create a ‘personalize’ copy after reading.

I received an iPod Touch at my 22 years old birthday. That change my attitude towards digital publishing.

I neglected e-format because I do not have any readers. But the iPod Touch act as one. I carry my iPod everyday. I used to read magazine on train. Sometimes it is heavy or not up to date. The iPod is small enough to slip into my pocket and carry volumes of publications. The iPod became my media hub. I can take in (through reading, photo-taking and recording), and publish my work if Wi-Fi is available.

The release of the iPad and other E-reader provoke a revolution in publish. Reported by Daily Telegraph, sales of Kindle ebooks had overtaken hardback sales in the UK in May 2011.

E-reader provides interactive between the readers. For example, the Amazon has the ‘most highlight passage’ record, which is collected from the Kindle. The record can use as book promotion and interpretation  for the social trend.

E-books are a multimedia platform. Compare to print on paper, which consist of only text and photos. Only the colour of the photos, font size, or page layout can be accommodate for the content. However, E-books are limitless. They converge text, photos and videos. Even provide interaction between readers.

The limitation of E-book is the reader itself. The iPad, iPhone or ipod touch is capable to do the colourful, animated E-book, due to the superb display, software and memory support.  Compare with the Kindle, it only displays grey-scale image or text.

One of the recently success of E-Book is Al-Gore’s Our Choice. It is the squeal of the famous Inconvenient Truth. The difference is Our Choice is not only a book, instead, it is a combination of video, photos and text. Guiding readers towards what the author’s wants to. Since the videos and photos are more attractive than words.

One of the creator  of book even consider this is not a book, but a new form of publishing. It can be updated and expanded through internet.

I still love my magazines, hard backs and paper backs. Most of the time they will sit on the shelves. The internet, combines with the devices, forms ubiquitous networks. I would buy books sometimes, but will connect to the latest news via the internet.


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