Publishing converges.

Printing press in the 17th century caused the mass-production of books. At that time, bible finally can reach to the majority. People can read and interpreted the meaning, not only from the church.

Printing, mostly on paper. Paper, as the medium for carry ideas, since the printing press invented.

Newspaper and magazines and other publications carry the ideas, comments and inspirations by words and pictures on paper.

During the 19 to 20 century, radio waves was used to communicate. Before WWII, radio broadcast is the major distributor of breaking news . Still, paper is the favorite carrier for publishing. For example,  the Life magazine, which covers world events through photo essays, brought the audience to experience the War through photos. It is the same case as Nation Geographic Magazine which cooperate photos in the report of Tibet in early 20 century.

Radio brings instant event to readers. The news are usually short and easy to digest. The detail magazine articles provide a depth report for readers to investigate. There is no conflict between two media.

That is the case for Internet and newspaper or magazine.

The problem is not the medium, but the content. Internet can keep refresh, corporate with video and other footprint, to bring audience to experience the breaking news. Internet is most suitable for breaking news, which displace in headline form on devices for easily reading.

Paper news media would change focus on ‘quality’ journalism, such as features, reports on current trends. This events, places or people may not have an immediate impact on out society, yet, the coverage provides a link for the topic to readers. In paper form, readers can enjoy when leisure. For example, the Monocle published two ‘newspapers’ in summer and winter, to allow the readers to enjoy it at the beaches and snow mountains. If you are reading in digital devices, you may afraid running out of battery, sun reflective and thief.

I am not saying that quality journalism is not suitable or available in paper form. The industry still adapting the change. For example, Al Gore’s books, Our Choice, is not in paper form. It is not simply turn text on paper into words screen. It is an anagram of text, images and video. More important, it can be updated.

The platform is there. Digital is expandable, boundary-ness. Yet print is reliable, easy to read and take notes. The new model of future quality journalism may be have a monthly print media, an online daily update plus internet archive including video and audio footage of the print section.




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